Poppies at Villers Bretonneux

The next day 26th April we returned to the memorial at Villers Bretonneux to leave poppies for our combined relations that failed to return to Australia from the war.  These were all memorials with no known graves either still in the fields where they lost their lives or to this date unidentified.  In seeing the peaceful clean and clear fields you get a sense of peace that if they are still there they are surrounded by the most tranquil and beautiful pasture that you can only imagine and that in itself gives a sense of contentment that they will always be remembered and their final resting place wherever it may be is now at peace.

In Memory of:

Private William James Jeffers service no: 4524 died on 11/11/1916, age 24, Australian Infantry 6th Bn.

Private Norman Henry Watkins service no: 4302 died 23/7/1916, age  , Australian Infantry 9th Bn.

Private Joseph Stanley Saxon service no: 1564 died 4/8/1916, age 18, Australian Infantry 22nd Bn.

Private Charles Henry Alexander service no: 4971 died 25/2/1917 age , Australian Infantry 22nd Bn.

Sergeant Ernest George Kerslake service no: 2026 died 6/3/1917 age 26, Australian Infantry 26th Bn.

Private Sidney Bell service no: 5654 died 11/4/1917 age 22, Australian Infantry 46th Bn.

Private Cornelius William Rowley service no: 4303 died 11/4/1917 age , Australian Infantry 46th Bn.

Private Edward John Rule service no: 3930 died 25/7/1916 age , Australian Infantry 6 Bn.

Private Frederick Arthur Foster service no: 2002 died 25/4/1917 age 28, Australian Infantry 17 Bn.

Private James Martin Kenna service no: 2514 died 5/8/1916 age 26, Australian Infantry 18 Bn.

Private Ernest Stanley Rowley service no: 1763 died 1/10/1918 age 19, Australian Infantry 59 Bn.